My Butterflies Upclose ...

June 8,1922-December 21,2011

This is probably one of the most difficult things for me to do because I have to accept the fact that my father and long time best friend is no longer here with me.

He was known for always taking the time to be available for family and friends. My father was very intelligent and gifted with wisdom and common sense.

He would tell me "Never get down where you can look a snake in his eyes because then you are on the same level as he is, keep a higher standard of respect for yourself".

The other phrase he always said was "Peace Be Still!" whenever any chaos was going on.

So Dad, "Peace Be Still"! We Love You!

Jesus whispered, "Take my hand and come with me,
your work here is done". I went away to a place where there's no tears,
nor sorrow or pain, only laughter and smiles.

I'll look down and smile upon you, while the angels sing a heavenly song.

I am not alone, all who went before me are here, they awaited my return.

I know you will miss me and wish I was still here,
I am here in the memories you hold dear. Remember how much I love you
and know I took your love with me.

I don't wish for you to cry, or feel sad, I am free!

Soon you'll come to me, until then God will be you,
just as He's with me.

So Peace Be Still!