My Inspirations Upclose ...

My grandmother and others before me ...

We all should be inspired by those who have come before us! Centered, and to the right of my dad is his mother Curmiller celebrating her 90th birthday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am named after her and we called her Nanny.

Next to Nanny is dad's brother John, next to John is dad's sister Zephur, and next to Zephur is John's wife Audrey. Aunt Audrey is now 85 years old and lives in Denver, Colorado.

From far left to right are dad's sisters Darlene and Helen, and next to Helen is dad's Aunt, Nanny's sister.

Merion Royal

My mom and dad were united in Holy Matrimony on February 24, 1944 and to this union were six girls and two boys. I am the oldest of the family and was inspired by the love and kindness they showed to one another.

Mother's care for others was extended outside of the home as she was a Nurse. She was a wonderful role model for me as I too was in the health field as a Certified Medical Assistant and a State of California Certified Massage Therapist.

Mother's views about life's situations and refusal to allow anything or anyone to steal her joy, hopes and dreams carry me on today!

Andy Royal

My dad is my hero! He was enlisted in the US Navy, served in World War II, and stationed in Pearl Harbor.

Dad was one of the first negro sailors assigned to a submarine. He started out as a sailor in the kitchen, peeling potatoes and worked his way up to Chief Petty Officer, ETC (Electronic Technician).

Retiring after 20 years in the Navy, dad received his B.A. degree and Masters degree in Education from the University of San Francisco in California.

I am forever dedicated to my father who was always supportive of me with his time, wisdom and finances for whatever I decided to tackle in life. I was a Certified Medical Assistant, and a State of California Certified Massage Therapist after I retired working for Pacific Bell due to my father saying, "If you want to go for it, I will back you with whatever help you need".

I realize now that my life's choices have been greatly inspired by both my mom and dad. I love and miss them both!

Angie Washington-Royal

In  2001 my father had the pleasure of meeting a friend of his cousin Esther who lived in Mississippi.  Angie  would visit  Esther on a  regular basis to do whatever she could for her.  Esther had severe arthritis in her hands and got around the house with a walker.  My dad was impressed with how Angie gave of herself so unselfishly visiting Esther, oftentimes, after working 8-10 hours a day in a department store as a salesclerk which requires standing on her feet most of the time.

The family is so happy that their friendship developed into a love connection.  We love our new mom! She is the most giving, loving person we could ever imagine to be in our lives.  She also loves the Lord with all of her mind, heart, body, and spirit.  God truly blessed my dad with a beautiful, loving wife.  They deserved each other and we are proud to have her for our mom.

Loretta (Royal) Savoy

My sister Loretta lives in San Francisco, California. She is a loving mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece and cousin. Her youngest son Andy is currently in the Navy and stationed in Iraq. She is staying calm and peaceful about this by trusting God to bring him home safely and a whole person. I am certain that most families that have a loved one in Iraq or some other battle zone are doing the same thing.

Daniel Royal

My brother Daniel lived in Oakland, California with his wife Patricia and son little Danny. He was a great husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle, nephew and cousin! He loved to play golf which took up most of his free time and he did quite well. He placed 2nd in one amateur golf tour and won 1st place in another!