My Butterflies Upclose ...

God's butterfly is special to me because it symbolizes the stages of change in our lives. Change happens from growth. Growth is stimulated by the trials we go through in life and how well we adjust to this growth process. The metamorphosis of the butterfly from the cocoon to the caterpillar, then to the beautiful butterfly is what we go through spiritually and physically!

My four sisters, mother, two brothers and father who have gone home to be with our Lord are "my butterflies". Each one spent time developing in their cocoon and exited as beautiful butterflies who shared of themselves while here. What ever plans and dreams they had for their lives are now a reality. This bookstore is dedicated in loving memory of my seven beautiful butterflies.

Porcha I. McKnight

My sister Porcha was the one sister that was always on the go!  I never experienced talking to her on a regular basis.  She was a very courageous person with a humble spirit.  She wasn't a complainer or  a whiner.

She was the second sister to receive the Lord in her heart - in fact she wrote me a letter and said, "Thank  you for telling me about Jesus Christ - I didn't believe you and now I know that He is real and I'm grateful that He came into my heart - I have so much peace now!"

I  was able to spend alot of time with her when she became ill. God used me, my ex-sister-in-law Lillian and my friend Wilma to pray  with Porcha, Monica, her husband Stephen, their son Stevie Jr., and my nephew Lizetta's son Jamico.  They all received Jesus Christ as their Personal Saviour!

Myrtle A. Floyd

My sister  Myrtle and I were very, very close - we both received the Lord at the same time while she was living with me in Sacramento.  I  remember that we would sing together (duet) at Friendship Baptist Church whenever a special program was going on such as ' Women's Day'  or  the 'Church   Anniversary', etc.  Our favorite song to sing was "He Keeps Doing Great  Things For Me."  

When my sister moved to Los Angeles we still kept in touch with each other by visiting in person, letters, and telephone calls especially on our birthdays.  After my sister became ill, my father  relocated her to my home in Sacramento and we both took care of  her.  We had  to hire help during the weekdays because I would be at work.   After work and on the weekends were the times that my sister and I shared together during her illness. 

She was a supportive wife to her husband and a strict, loving mother to her three daughters.  I miss her so much and wish I could share  some of my desires with her at this time in my life.  She loved life and lived it to the fullest!

Lizetta Groves

Lizetta was a Registered Nurse at a San Jose medical facility  fulfilling her dream to cater to the needs of others.   A wife and a loving mother of two children, Lizetta was very dedicated to her  family and would do anything possible to accomodate them. 

She was loving, compassionate and extremely funny.  Just to be in her presence you were assured a smile or a burst of laughter.  We called her the "Black Joan Rivers" because she could make-up heself to look like Joan Rivers and she would perform her comedy acts like Joan. 

Lizetta was a twin with a beautiful soul inside and out and to know her was to love her and if you didn't know her, you missed out!

Monica C. Glass

Monica was not only the baby sister she was the baby of our family of six girls and two boys. She was short and fiesty with a sarcastic wit about her - you didn't know if she was teasing you or if she really meant what she said and it was always funny! 

We were very close even though I am the oldest in the family. We talked many times over the phone for hours, she lived in San Francisco and I was living in Sacramento.  We also visited each other in person.  Her husband treated her like a queen, he took care of all the household needs and worked a job.  Monica was spoiled by him and at the same time lost without him when he became ill and passed away years before she did. 

She was the one sister that I never seemed ready to let go of, I was tired of losing sisters and even though I had one sister left, (Loretta) I still didn't want to lose Monica. Monica was always determined to have her own way - even when she received Jesus Christ as her Personal Saviour, she continued to live life her way.  The most admirable quality Monica possessed was her strengh to endure because no matter how many times the doctors decided her fate, she proved them wrong with a miraculous recovery which validates that there is a higher power, God Himself!

Merion Royal

My mother always kept faith and hope alive no matter how hard things got!  She was always optimistic about life's situations and refused to allow anything or anyone to steal her joy, hopes and dreams! 

Mother became ill with pneumonia and passed away on December 08, 2003.  She was 79 years old.

Benjamin Royal

I feel like I have lost one of my best friends, my brother. My brother, Ben would call me every other day to check on me and find out how I was doing. It's very difficult for me to even write about him at this time.

He was very smart and funny, always made friends very easily, no one was a stranger, always had a smile to give anyone no matter how he was feeling inside.

When we were growing up together in school, he never had to study for any kind of test and did all of his homework in class while the teacher was still instructing the other students, he was so bored in school.

He became the class clown always telling jokes that made the teachers laugh out loud too! He will be missed by so many people, some that I never met because he lived in Mississippi. I will miss you brother!