United in God's Love!

God keeps His Promises:
I hope this testimony will encourage some of my sisters who are my age or older! If you have been standing in faith while waiting to be blessed with the husband that God has tailor made for you, then please "Don't Become Weary."

After being single for 25 years and in my sixties, I had finally concluded that I probably would be in my seventies when my husband came along, however, I am happy to say that I got married last year (August 24th 2010).

I was 63 years old and my husband was 54 years old. He is truly more than what I had asked God for, so be encouraged to know that "God is faithful to fulfill His promises to you!"

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight M. Horton

Ms. Curmiller Ann Barber

Mr. Dwight Michael Horton

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight M. Horton